Why You Need the New Bosch High Efficiency Boiler in Your Home


Boiler controls make a big difference to your heating system. With Bosch’s condensing boilers already operating at peak efficiency, our range of controls give you an additional way of boosting your system’s overall performance. Bosch boiler controls give you ability to precisely manage your system, as opposed to older controls which simply turn your boiler on and off.  Taking a look inside the new BOSCH GREENSTAR 151P ZWB42-3P23S, we see the Combi unit with space heating and integrated water heating in one highly efficient, compact unit. With special insulation to ensure ultra quiet operation and the exclusive keypad safety lock feature to prevent unwanted tampering with heating controls, this unit is the ideal “green” upgrade for either detached and terraced houses or apartments.  Also important to note, the coated heat exchanger reduces scale build up, reduces services and maintains efficiency.  This all constructed out of advanced Magnesium Aluminum Silicon alloy.  This construction offers increased flexibility versus the traditional stainless steel model.  For enhanced comfort, incremental fuel saving, and programmable features to suit your lifestyle, this product is made for enhancing the comfort of your own home.  Please click the link above and heat your home the right way during this winter season.





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