Wait… What’s a Circulator Pump?


A simple explanation of circulator pumps and why you need to discuss yours with your plumber.

In many ways, a circulator pump does for a hydronic system what our hearts do for our bodies. Essential to the basic functionality of every hydronic, or contained water system, a circulator pump pushes and circulates water throughout the pipes in your heating system at a predetermined speed and velocity. This circulation of water then feeds your system, allowing it to heat and move water efficiently throughout your home. Having a powerful and well operating circulator pump is key to maintaining a happy and healthy hydronic system.

When making the decision to purchase a circulating pump, it is important to consider the follow questions.

1.Where is my pump going to be used? You will want to make sure your pump can produce the kind of support your system needs. Some hydronic systems, such as commercial buildings and offices, may require a more powerful circulating pump than the one you would use in your home.

2.What kind of climate am I in? Climate factors, such as high humidity and extreme cold, play a major role in the overall efficiency of your circulating pump. If you are in a cold climate, and require more heat throughout the day, you may want to consider purchasing a more powerful and fast preforming pump.

3.How many GPM (gallons per minute) of water does my pump need to be able to circulate?

4.What head range do I need? (Head range is the height at which your pump can raise or lower a column of water)

5.What horsepower is my pump? Horsepower is key in determining the speed at which your pump will be able to circulate water throughout your hydronic system.

6.Should my pump have an IFC (internal flow check valve)? While IFC’s are not built into all pumps, having one can help to drastically improve overall system performance. Having an IFC in your circulator pump will also eliminate the need for an external in-line flow check to be plumbed into the hydronic system.

Once you’ve considered the performance needs and requirements of your hydronic system, you can begin exploring the various circulating pump brands and options! While many brands offer exceptional units, Taco Comfort Solutions manufactures high efficiency pumps that can be easily installed and integrated into an existing hydronic system. Most Taco pumps come equipped with an internal flow check value and have an exceptionally high torque and performance speed. Integrating a Taco Circulator Pump into your heating hydronic system is a fantastic step in improving the overall health and performance rate of your homes heating and water system.

This heating season we recommend the Taco 0015 3 Speed Circulator and the Taco 007 Circulator, as they provide exceptional power and can be easily integrated into your existing hydronic system!

Visit Simply Plumbing today to learn more about circulating pumps and take advantage of free shipping on all Taco products!


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